Qualitative Face Fit Testing

What is Face Fit Testing?

Qualitative Face fit testing is the process of verifying that an individual’s Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) functions as it was designed i.e. to protect the wearer whilst they carry out their work activities.

The types of respirator that require fit testing are those that have a tight fitting facepiece such as a disposable face mask, a half mask and full face mask, this includes those that form part of a powered or air-fed system. 

Carrying out the face fit testing does not replace checking for general wear and tear on the RPE and the wearer should still be checking their RPE before use. If the product begins showing signs of damage or deterioration it is to be replaced or, if possible, the component part is to be replaced. 

Fit Testing should be carried out regular intervals and users of RPE should be re-tested if their weight significantly changes, if they receive major dental work or sustain a facial injury. New employees should be tested during their period of induction to the business so that the correct mask can be found for them or at least ordered if one is not available at the time of induction. 

The Face fit testing should always be carried out by a qualitative face fit tester or fit2fit accredited trainer. KestrelQAS Ltd has its own qualitative face fit tester; whose certificate can be provided upon request.

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