Health and Safety

Everyone has a responsibility to Health and Safety that is why it's so important that we get it right because it protects the well being of employers, your employees, visitors and customers. So looking after Health and Safety within your organisation makes good business sense. Businesses or individuals who choose to neglect health and safety leave themselves open to prosecution, or they may lose staff due to a work related accident or illness.

Health and Safety Site Inspections

Workplace/site inspections are carried out with the aim to help prevent incident, injuries and illness. Thorough, regular inspections allow Health and Safety teams to identify existing and potential hazards which will enable them to implement, maintain and review its control measures. 

Competent and qualified individuals already employed by your organisation can be utilised as Inspectors or you may choose to use an external Health and Safety Consultant. Either way, the inspections are carried out to provide an independent and objective view, allowing the inspector to make an unbiased opinion about the procedures and policies already in place. 

No matter the size of the organisation, a robust management system along with a structured inspection schedule and suitable Risk/COSHH assessments are the most efficient combination to ensure that your employees, visitors and customers are safe within the workplace/site. 

The frequency of the inspections will depend on the nature of the work that is being carried out. Inspections may be less often if the work environment is low risk like an office. But if there are certain areas of a workplace or specific activities that are high risk or that can change rapidly, more frequent inspections may be required, like on a construction project. 

Kestrel have years of experience in carrying out workplace/site inspections and will ensure that your facilities are verified against current H&S legislation.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Ensuring the workplace is safe includes every employer providing instructions, supervision, information & training to their employees to encourage them to work safer. However you may find that even after you have implemented engineering controls and Safe Systems of Work (SSOW), some hazards may still remain. These could include injuries to:

  • The lungs - due to airborne vapours & dust, 
  • The head and feet - injury from falling objects or a slip, trip or fall,
  • The eyes - debris from cutting, drilling or grinding,
  • The skin - from contact with hazardous substances or repetitive manual handling operations,
  • The body - simply from not being seen in time.

That's where Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) is needed to further reduce the risk.

We can source all PPE from leading UK providers to fulfil your requirements.

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