ISO 14001:2015

ISO 14001 Certification

ISO 14001 is the standard that covers the introduction of an Environmental Management System (EMS). But like a Quality Management System, an EMS allows you as an organisation to create a systematic approach through monitoring and measuring improve your operational performance by reducing your environmental impact. Continuous review and changing the methods in the way your approach pollution, waste management and the use of resources will bring more value to organisational success.

Some of the benefits to an effective Environmental Management System Include:

  •  a reduction in environmental incidents and improved reputation,
  • an advantage in the tender process as EMS certification is becoming a fundamental requirement, 
  • an improved regulatory performance resulting in the lower risk of fines for non compliance with environmental legislation,
  • a focused and motivated workforce to create a culture of sustainability,
  • a reduction in landfill waste, including initial raw materials, utility waste and additional waste disposal costs, 
  • Increased profits from lower costs.
  • source more environmentally friendly alternatives to existing hazardous materials within your organisation.

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