Quality Assurance

Every business strives to provide a quality product or service to their clients and here at Kestrel things are no different but we can help you go one step further by helping you implement a quality management system with the ultimate goal of gaining certification to one or more internationally recognised ISO Standards.

What is an Integrated Management System?

An Integrated Management System is a mixture of two or more International standards that have been adopted by organisations ranging from a one-man band, all the way up to those household names that have branches in every city across the country. It really doesn't matter what the size of the business is, the way in which these standards are adopted remains exactly the same. 

At Kestrel, we can help you implement the processes, policies and procedures expected by one or more of these standards that will leave you with a robust quality framework to enable a more sustainable and improved way in which you work - trust us, once you introduce an effective management system you can benefit from one or more of the following:

  • improved documentation control,
  • improved customer focus,
  • improved process/procedural flow,
  • less rework,
  • improved profitability,
  • increased production, and
  • improved internal/external communication.

Gap Analysis

A gap analysis is a useful process that is carried out to compare your actual performance with a potential or more desired performance. The desire or goal might be for a regulatory requirement or just for your own personal standards. 

The gap analysis can help identify opportunities for improvement that you may not necessarily see during the normal day to day running of your business because you are already embedded within its processes. 

Therefore, a fresh set of eyes or what we refer to as 'a wildcard' can ask those unpredictable questions that could actually make you think 'why do I do it that way?'

Internal Audit

The simplest definition of Internal & external auditing can be summed up as the independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organisation's operations. 

Whether you are branching out on your own or an established household name, we want to provide a service that makes that positive difference to your business no matter its size. 

Once your gap analysis has been carried out we will produce and maintain an internal audit programme that best suits you, because we involve you. The schedule will identify areas of your management system that need to be monitored and the frequency in which they need to be monitored dependant on a level of business risk.

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